Pasaje de Vida

Creative Fields



Cineworld Hazlotu

Production Designer

Laia Castellvi / Lucila Presa

Fiction and reality meet in Diego Corsini's latest film. Pasaje de vida is based on the story of his parents, militant montoneros in the seventies, exiled in Spain and returned to Argentina in the democratic springtime. Written and directed by Diego, the film tells two moments of the same story, a present staged in Madrid with his sick father (Miguel Angel Solá) and a flashback that returns all the time to Buenos Aires, to Isabel's times, the coup d' état and a young, militant Miguel (Chino Darín) in the Chrysler, dazzled by his companion Diana (Carla Quevedo). Now, in a café in San Telmo, Nestor and Diego Corsini, father and son, cross the real story with this film that exposes the family to a brand in the history of the country. My job in the Art Department was to create all the artwork the film needed. Different photomontages, documents, letters, etc.