31 - The Barber Shop

Creative Fields

Branding & Graphic Design


31 - The Barber Shop

Production Designer

John Heuss

Barbershops have been a fundamental part of society and integrated into many kinds of cultures for centuries. The Barbershop where this project took place is located in Düsseldorf, Germany and offers a premium quality barber service for men in the area.

The brand’s personality was designed to reflect a classical vintage look and feel while utilizing the top technology on the market. The two colors representing the brand were black and gold using Serif typography to create the brand’s iconography, reinforcing its image, identity, and personality.

My job was to design the brand’s material and apply those designs to many types of company assets.

My designs were used on company collateral, business cards, and product packaging, so it was extremely important to keep in mind the brand’s specific identity and how it was being represented on each of those assets.